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Jumping ahead quite a bit...I could probably convince Elliott Curtin (, the guy whose crew I've been on, to work with us here in Montpelier if we went forward on
This sounds great!  An excellent complement and/or alternative to what we've been talking about. My main questions are: - is this really happening? Or is it just a proposal at
I like #4 here: looks good; that it's a Vermont biking thing comes across immediately.  Central Vermont doesn't necesarily come across.  But there's room perhaps for more information.  Maybe the
Ken - Organizing around activities sounds like a good way to begin.  Since we know we are going to shoot for getting our proposal (passed) on the November ballot, there
Good; I'd inferred some of that but glad to get the detail.  Between the descriptive narrative in the app, and these thought-through details, there is good fodder for a scope