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Accessibility features of this website


Every effort has been made to ensure this site meets most of the New Zealand Government Web Standards and Recommendations v 1.0

Access keys

Access keys help you to navigate to commonly used pages in the site without needing to use a mouse or other pointing device. To activate an access key, hold down the ALT key (for PCs) or CONTROL key (for Apple Macintosh) plus the relevant access key shown below (at the same time). For some browsers you may need to press enter to confirm your choice.

The available keyboard shortcuts are:

0 = Accessibility help page

1 = Home page

2 = Site map

3 = Search

9 = Contact us

[ = jump to content beginning

/ = link to website

To use the keyboard Accesskeys:

Browser Version Activate Accesskey
Internet Explorer IE 5+ (Windows) Alt + Accesskey, then Enter
Internet Explorer IE 5, 6 (Mac) Ctrl+ Accesskey
Firefox FF <= 1.5 (Windows)  Alt + Accesskey
Firefox FF 2 (Windows) Alt + Shift + Accesskey
Firefox FF 2 (Mac) Ctrl+ Accesskey
Firefox FF 3 (Windows) Alt + Shift + Accesskey
Opera Early versions Accesskey not supported
Opera v7+ (Windows or Mac) Shift + Escape, (release) then Accesskey
Mozilla (Windows) Alt + Accesskey
Mozilla (Mac) Ctrl+ Accesskey
Safari v1.2+ (Mac) Ctrl+ Accesskey
Netscape NN 6-8 (Windows) Alt + Accesskey
Netscape NN 9 (Windows) Alt + Shift + Accesskey
Netscape NN 6+ (Mac) Ctrl+ Accesskey

Note: Some browers do not support the numbers on the Number Pad being used as Accesskeys. Use the numbers at the top of the keyboard.

Text size

You can make the text on this site bigger or smaller to suit you if your browser supports text resizing (i.e. recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera).

To resize your fonts:

  • In Microsoft Internet Explorer: go to the View menu at the top of your screen, select Text size, then choose to view with larger or smaller type.
  • In Firefox and Safari on a PC: press CTL + to make text bigger, and CTL - to make text smaller.
  • In Firefox and Safari on a Mac: press Command + to make text bigger, and Command - to make text smaller.
  • In other browsers: consult the browser Help for details on how to resize the text.

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