Minutes, 04/15/13 VHEC meeting

Post-Phone-a-thon meeting

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4/15/2013 ("post-phone-a-thon") meeting: 



  • Joey Miller
  • Keil Corey
  • Dan Costin
  • Dan Jones
  • Barry McPhee


Action Items

  • Barry: send each VHEC phone-a-thon team member their chunk of the list, to clarify follow-ups.
  • Barry: hand a list to each caller their unanswered calls.
  • VHEC Team: continued individual phone-a-thoning.
  • All MEACers:  to "phone-a-thon" around their neighborhoods
  • All MEACers: do further neighborhood-based outreach and follow-up.  This would include:
    • Going door-to-door (in own neighborhood) with VHEC door-hangers
    • Locate weatherized/alternative-energy homes around their neighborhood; then distribute to them one of our “We’re saving money by lowering our energy bills” lawn signs.
    • Getting neighbors to fill out / send pledge cards




Topic: Phone-a-thon lessons learned

The team identified the following lessons-learned from the April 3 Phone-a-thon:

  • Call back the calls between 6-6:30; they're dinner calls
  • VNRC caller ID might have been a problem; some residents may answer our calls from personal phones.  (See 'Ongoing Outreach' section below)
  • Preaching to the choir/early adopters.  We need further outreach to expand beyond that demographic.



Topic:   Ongoing/individual phone-a-thon Outreach

The team discussed out continuing to call uncontacted residents on the list, individually, from our home phones.

  • Dan Jones  suggested that we get the list of unanswered calls to each April 3 phone-a-thoner.  Barry added our calling  within their neighborhood when possible. 
  • Joey Miller requested we go beyond the small VHEC team to include the larger MEAC team in ongoing Phone-a-thoning .  This was agreed upon as an agenda item for tomorrow's meeting. 


Topic:  Status report on Infra-red scans

The April 3 phone-a-thon resulted in 6 residents requesting an infra-red scan as offered by John Snell.  John has completed the scans, and sent to Barry the resulting scans with brief reports providing a key and analysis. 

The team discussed follow-up:

  • All scans will be sent to the homeowners, and at minimum the Washington County HPwES contractor list will be included for those homes showing significant heat loss.
  • Continued, hand-holding contact should occur, consistent with follow-up of other avenues (comprehensive energy improvements, home energy visits,  et al


Topic: Phone-a-thon Follow-up

The team discussed follow-up avenues from the Phone-a-thon:

Comprehensive Efficiency Improvements(14  residents interested)

Team agreed more work should be done than providing residents with the names of local home energy contractors. 

Team decided that at tomorrow's MEAC meeting more discussion should take place on the following steps:

  • Anne Watson to talk to Mayor Hollar re: a "call-out" on Earth Day.
  • A brief, @ 3-minute local media endorsement w/Hollar
  • Ask Anne Watson about, say, a text box in Bill Fraser's monthly column.
  • Establishing a central contact / hotline #


Energy Audit (12 residents interested)

Team agreed here also on going beyond just providing residents with the names of local home energy contractors.

  • Dan Jones suggested at least one follow-up call; further support/handholding: "Can I help you?" et al.
  • Barry suggested asking each resident to refer us to, or themselves contact, 1 or 2 friends to do the same


Home Energy Visits (4 residents interested).  Potential follow-up:

Team agreed to schedule these over the next few weekends, scheduling for 10am - 4pm.

  • To begin these this Saturday 4/20; we've got the list of 13 Energy Fair HEVs as well as the additional 4 from the phone-a-thon.
  • Saturday 4/27:  Dan Costin said he was available, but Dan J and Joey: no.  The team will try to draft other MEACers, e.g. Jim Stiles.  Dan C says he know a few others, including a few of his neighbors.
  • 5/4: continue to schedule


 Completing a Pledge Card (17 residents interested)

Outreach steps discussed

  • Delivering them in-person to those who didn't pledge online; use that contact to suggest further steps
  • Go door knocking with Pledge Cards in hand, turning these contacts into an impromptu Home Energy Visit.  When possible have the doorknockers canvas their own neighborhoods.



Topic: General Volunteer mobilization

The team agreed to ask to involve all  MEACers in this vol work, and/or find others to volunteer.  The general idea is to find warm/hot leads in their spheres.




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